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YOU University

-Are you wanting serious, deep-rooted change in your life by healing pain from your past?
-Did you have a traumatic childhood that you are ready to free yourself from?
-Have you always dreamed of becoming a life coach and are interested in life coach training?

YOU University is an incredible personal transformation program. It is the actual program that helped me achieve finding my Real Self, healing my past, and pioneering a life that I adore.

What we do:

Over the next 8 months, you and I will have weekly, 1 hour phone calls that are completely focused on you and your needs while healing from your past along with unlimited email support between sessions. You will have access to the YOU University program which walks you through taking a deep look at your past and offers incredible tools for emotional healing.

YOU University Program includes:

-12 Buildings (like modules), discussion boards, and journaling homework to help you discover your Authentic Self and release your emotional pain
-14 weeks of Life Coach training (optional)
-Actual, repeatable tools and exercises that help you release the chains of your past
-Private Facebook group with others going through the program for additional support and connection
-An amazing community of YOU University graduates who are full of love, peace, and gratitude- the support is never-ending and full of the best of friends you’ll ever find

How does this benefit you?

Healing from sexual abuse or other major childhood (and adulthood) trauma, purge emotions that were stuck in their body, improved health and wellness, ability to identify and handle their emotions, gain strength and self-awareness, meet quality, lifelong friends, increased happiness, empowerment, starting and owning your own business, confidence, comfortable in your own skin, forgiveness, acceptance, a complete worldview change, YOU University Emotion-Based Life Coach certification, inner peace, better relationships and parents

The investment for this life-changing program?
$4376 (or installments of $547 per month)

Sound like something you want in on? Let me know! I can give you a more in-depth look at YOU University, testimonials about the program, and what it can do for you. I can also give you a free trial of the first module to see if it is something you like!