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-Ready to feel like your life has purpose and direction? Confident, happy and excited to wake up in the morning?
-Ready to STOP feeling numb, guilty, hopeless, invisible, and helpless?
-Do you want more confidence in life and biz, better relationships, and to be a parent that you’re proud of?
-Do you want to live your life trusting yourself and your decisions while kicking confusion, overwhelm, and putting yourself on the back burner to the curb?
-Ready to take your life and business to the next level and know you need to let go of the things that are holding you back?

Life is too short to be continuously held back by the exact thing you have control over: yourself.

You can live a happy life. You can be free from the things that weigh you down day in and day out. But you can’t just numb the “bad” feelings and feel the good ones.

Happiness is an inside job and you’ll only go as far as the inside work you’ve done.

You have to get your head and heart straight if you want to prosper in your life and business. That’s exactly what I do.

You can have the exact life and business that you want once you know you deserve it. Do you know and believe that you deserve it?

What we do:
Over the next 90 days, you and I will have weekly, 1 hour calls where we dive deep into what is keeping your life stuck and stagnant. You will also get unlimited email support in between calls and journaling homework as needed.

How does this benefit you?

More confidence, clarity about who you are and what you want, strategies to get your life where you want it to be, better relationships, improved communication skills, healthy boundaries with others to make sure you are taken care of, less stress and suffering, more happiness, motivation to create your life, coping strategies that will help get you through the hard times, no longer carrying around burdens that don’t belong to you, more balance in life, optimistic outlook on life, feeling empowered and less self-doubt

You will know how to identify your emotions and what to do with them (hint: it’s not stuffing them down for a rainy day), be more kind to yourself, be calmer and have inner peace. You will feel excited about your future and its’ possibilities, proud of your progress, and feel comfortable asking for what you need.

…and your biz? Your business will be able to finally move forward. You will get help identifying and pushing past your fears- no longer be held back by the fear of other’s judgments, and start injecting more YOU in your business instead of more of everyone else. No more playing small, feeling like an imposter or uncertain about your biz. Once you get out of your own way, you can see endless improvements in your finances, confidence, and in building the business you want.

You will always be welcomed into a calm and nonjudgmental environment where it is safe to let loose. You get my vast knowledge of emotions and experience in releasing baggage from the past, along with my intuitive gifts and gentle nudging to safely release and rebuild your life and business- exactly how you want it.

The investment for this program that benefits your entire life and biz?
$1500 (can be broken down into monthly installments)

The life and business you want are waiting for you. Are you ready?

Do you have a lot of childhood trauma? Need a lot of in depth work? Please check out YOU University and how to release your emotional chains.