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Starting your own business can be the biggest personal growth workshop EVER…if you let it.

If you’re here on my site or follow me, you’re probably here because you love personal development. You love your business (or you will once it’s making money) and you know it’s your calling.

Yet- all of your fears, doubts, and anxieties get thrown in your face once you start a business. Maybe those things are even stopping you from starting your business!

Here’s the thing- we all go through moments of fear, anxiety, and doubt. Some people seem to be able to push through, ignore it, and get on with it- but not us.

We know better.

We know that:
-those hesitations are darkness within ourselves and that we need to let it go.
-we are can serve more people when we open our hearts and let it all out.
-in order to move on in life we need to resolve this darkness.

Once we’ve exposed the darkness, we have the awareness and understanding so that we can process it. Then, it moves on so that it doesn’t plague us in several different areas in life while we are still trying to figure out the lesson.

I’ve created the journaling courses below to give you a deeper dive the most common issues I see in my coaching practice that business owners are experiencing.

Each journaling course is a downloadable workbook that includes:
-Short video explanations from me with my deepest insights on the topic to facilitate healing and deeper understanding
-Journal prompts to guide you through understanding the many areas of your life that each topic affects (these prompts stem from questions I ask my clients during private coaching sessions to help them dive deeper dig to the root of the issue)
-Writing prompts to help you facilitate healing of this issue in your life so that you can expose the darkness once and for all and move forward in your life and business

Available Journaling Courses: 

Perfectionism & People Pleasing Course

BRAND NEW Perfectionism & People Pleasing Course– a 24 page Journal Coaching Course to walk you through releasing your perfectionism, overcoming people pleasing, and help you stop seeking validation from everyone else.  $27



Why journaling?
It is one of the simplest, most amazing ways I have personally transformed my life. Identifying the emotions and issues that you are holding onto are often the first hurdle in healing. If you aren’t used to being open and vulnerable with your emotions and your life, then having a safe, nonjudgmental space for you to write your deepest feelings, thoughts, and hurts can be unbelievably beneficial. Also, once you can identify the core of what’s going on- you can save yourself lots of time and money when you are ready to talk to a coach (business, life, health, or otherwise) so that you take start taking leaps forward in your life and business.

Is this only for business owners?
Absolutely not! These journaling courses are universal in the feelings that we are experiencing. Though I may speak to or mention business owners throughout the workbook- it applies just the same to life, relationships, or even traditional work situations. In fact, I did just as much of my personal development before I owned my business as I did during my first few years of business (it is a forever-process).

Will you be releasing more?!
Yes! I’m currently creating a series of new journal prompt workbooks covering several different topics and emotions. Stay tunes on this page or join my weekly newsletter list to be the first to know!

I’m really excited to tell you about my experiences -or- I want to request a topic, how can I connect with you?
I’d love to hear from you!! You can send me a message at april(at)apriljulson(dot)com. You will get a response from me, personally, within 48 hours!

I’ve uncovered some things that I’m ready to heal, can I work with you in private coaching?
Absolutely! Please check out my private coaching packages and if you’re unsure of what you need just send me over an email at april(at)apriljulson(dot)com and we can figure out the best next step for you!




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