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They say in marketing that the way to get business is through the Know, Like, and Trust factor. But do you Know, Like, and Trust yourself?

A successful business is more about what you FEEL like and how you think about yourself than it is about popularity or what you do or don’t do.

How much do you hold back because of the way you look? How often do you not answer a call-for-help on social media because you are insecure about your answer and are sure that others would have an even better one? How often do you make a post or comment and delete it?

I always thought success would come to me after I lost weight… if I could just finally suck-it-up and do video… if I would get those photos done… if I did a new website/copy… if I were on Periscope or Blab… if I were more extroverted… I spent all my days thinking I needed to be different than who I was.

Until I realized the secret to success.

The real secret is…

You don’t have to change a single thing about yourself to get clients.

You don’t have to lose weight, be more extroverted, get this or that. You just need to need to accept yourself as is and have more confidence. You have to know yourself and be willing to be seen- just as you are right now.

People relate to you as you are right now. But your focus is elsewhere. You can change the world. Your dreams are completely achievable (otherwise you wouldn‘t have them!), but you’ve got to learn who you are, like yourself, and trust yourself and your decisions.

How much is your lack of confidence costing you each day in business? How much are your clients still suffering, simply because you don’t feel good about the way you look so you hold back and stay small?

I can help you get confidence. I can help you feel better about yourself. I can help you be comfortable being YOU in your business. I can help you get straightened out to prepare for your inevitable success.


Here’s how you can work with me:

30-Day Intensive
Over the course of 30 days, we work together on: building your confidence so that you can get your business out to those who need you, getting comfortable showing your authentic self to the masses so that you can connect with your audience in a more meaningful way, releasing fear and anxiety that is keeping you small, freeing yourself from self-judgment so that you can be happy and feel deserving, overcoming fear of failure and shame around your looks so that you’ll never question your enoughness again, identifying blocks to getting clients and attracting abundance in your life, learning how to believe in yourself so that you teach others they can believe in you, and more. Intuitive Reiki is also used each week to help clear your energy blocks and support you, energetically, in your desired changes.
(2) 45-minute calls PER WEEK (8 calls in 30-days)
(1) 30-minute Intuitive Reiki session each week (4 total)
Unlimited email access between sessions
Investment: $597


60-Day Intensive
This package includes the above 30-Day Intensive plus: an extra 30 days to help you gain solid grounding in your newfound confidence in your business, extra support in overcoming your fears around your business goals, guidance in being yourself in your business so that you’re not living a lie or building someone else’s business, releasing perfectionism and the fear of judgment from others so that you can stop worrying about what everyone else is thinking of you, accountability to keep you on the right and empowered track, and much more!
You get the 30-day program details above PLUS during the 2nd 30-days you get-
(1) 45-minute call PER WEEK (4 total)
(1) 30-minute Intuitive Reiki session with session notes each week (4 total)
Unlimited email access between sessions
Investment: $897


Breakthrough Session
This package is designed to give you a boost of confidence and clarity. It is designed to empower you around a current issue that is holding you back. The goal of this session is to leave you feeling more focused, confident, and motivated to take the next step.
(1) 1 hour call on phone or Skype
(1) 30-minute Intuitive Reiki session (with emailed session notes and intuitive guidance)
1 week of email access for additional clarity or support from our call or your Reiki session
Investment: $147

If you decide that you’d like more support after the Breakthrough Session, you can apply the amount paid for this session towards one of my intensive programs above.


If you’re unsure about what you need, want to inquire about payment plans for the intensive programs, or would like a quick discovery call to connect- please click here!