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-Do you have a current issue that you need some clarity around?
-Could you use an unbiased sounding-board to help you make a good decision?
-Do you think you would like to work together, have utilized your free clarity call, but want more time or help?
-Not sure you need an entire coaching package and really just want a life coach in your back pocket on an as-needed basis?
-Are you a past client and just need a little support through an issue?

This is just for you!


What we do:

You can schedule a 60-minute Breakthrough Session with me to discuss a single issue that is affecting your life right now. After our call, you also get 7-days of email support for extra support and clarification.

How does this benefit you?

A supportive and unbiased sounding board for a current issue you are having, less confusion, actionable advice for moving forward, help on an as-needed basis, feeling more comfortable with your options and moving forward, relief from not feeling like a decision is hanging over you

The investment for this 60-minute Clarity Session?

Are you ready for a Breakthrough?


How is this different than the free 30-minute Clarity Session?

The free Clarity Session is designed to help me understand what is going on in your life and find out where you are wanting to be. It helps me see what your needs are and determine whether my coaching will be a good fit for you. If not- I will refer you to another amazing coach that specializes in what you need. Although there may be a little bit of coaching on that call, it’s not designed to be a true coaching call.

What if I decide I want to sign up for a coaching package after this Breakthrough Session?

No problem at all! If you decide to upgrade to the Pioneer your Life and Biz Package or the YOU University Coaching Program, I will deduct the amount you paid for this call off of the total (or your first month’s payment) of the coaching package of your choosing.