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What to do if you’ve been scammed by a coach


Tears rolled down my face every day. I felt sick to my stomach. How could I be so foolish? It’s was nearly Christmas, my husband and I decided to spend our extra cash on a new business coach for me- and she bailed.

I. felt. horrible.

I put my trust in her. I was so stinking excited to have a coach and make a business investment to start making money. She was so nice and responsive. She told me she could help me with everything I told her I needed. It was a great price and she took payments. She even looked over my website and gave me some great tips! I was on a high from excitement…and then it crashed and burned.

How could I put my family in such a bad place. Will we even be able to get a decent Christmas this year? My business isn’t any closer to getting clients. How could I be so stupid? The stress was too much- I just wanted to hide under my covers for the next century and forget I even tried to start a business. What should I do?! 

What should you do if you get scammed by a coach (or anyone..for that matter)? 

Do you feel like someone is jerking you around? Did you have a coach bail on you?

Scammers can often have the best excuses… seriously! They know how to keep stringing you along long enough to pass any refund deadlines. Some may be true- many are not, though. I’ve heard of some saying that their child is sick with cancer (and they may be, though I pray not).

They tug on your heart strings. They lead you on enough to keep you trusting them yet fall short on their promises each time. 

Should I request a refund?

This is a very personal decision, but if someone is potentially scamming you and you’re already questioning whether you can trust your own decision and whether you’re actually claiming scam, here is something I suggest…

  • Create your own deadline and boundaries.

During my experience, I kept hearing how she would send me worksheets so I could continue to work even though she was constantly unavailable. Needless to say, those worksheets were never sent. Being mindful of the refund deadline, I set my own early deadline.

I decided to give her one last chance and if she couldn’t provide the worksheet that she promised by the next morning at 8 am, then I’m would get a refund. I didn’t tell her the deadline- I just set it and acted accordingly.

[Note: Worried that the person’s not really a scammer and that things are just going awry? I totally understand this. I’ve been in this situation, too. If they aren’t scammers but are poorly handling a situation- take a step back and determine a win-win. Obviously you are a mismatch for coaching styles and needs. Maybe you need more than they can give or they overbooked their schedule and can’t keep up with the demands…we are all human. We make mistakes. You just aren’t a good fit!  It’s more painful for both of you for trying to force a fit. Have an open and honest conversation with them and create a firm boundary so that you guys can find the best next step for you all.]

  • Be mindful of refund deadlines. 

I believe that PayPal has a 45-day refund window (this could’ve changed so make sure you check into it). Sometimes coaches also have their own refund timelines (ex. do all the worksheets and if within the 1st 14 days you don’t like it- let me know and I’ll refund).

You can always file a claim with your credit card company as well.


You’ve requested a refund- now what?! 

Follow through. Do what you need to do. Send the messages or documentation that you need to send.

One of the most important things you need to know, is…

You get to choose your reaction to this.

Seriously, it’s 100% your choice. Should you blast their name everywhere and share your experience? Should you battle it out through litigation? Cut your losses? What about defamation claims?

It’s your choice. If you’re facing this decision right now, check out this post first.


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April Julson is an Empowerment Coach and Energy Healer for heart-based entrepreneurs. She works with self-conscious women to boost their confidence and get comfortable being seen in their business. You can find out more about her services here.

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