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September-the REAL New Year


What is it about September? I’m several years out of school now, but I still feel it. The eagerness for learning. The shifting and adjusting as we work our way into Fall. The settling down and digging into work.

I love the feeling.

There’s no doubt that this summer probably took a toll on you. The kids being home has made you linger a bit more than usual.

You did allow yourself to linger, yes? Without guilt and anxiety? No? Ok..

We’ve been sold this idea that we are only worthy if we are productive. As long as we are getting things done- then we are “good.”

But that’s not true at all. 

We are worthy regardless of what we do or get done. Life has natural ebbs and flows. Time for doing and time for resting. Our goal is to be here- now- in whatever flow that is. Bonus: do it without longing for the other one. :)

If you are in a period of rest, like my entire summer, then cherish it. Allow yourself to recharge your batteries and benefit fully from the time of rest. Rest from your usual duties as you chase the kids (I know- it’s not really resting when the kiddos are home from school). But do it fully, without wishing you were elsewhere or feeling like you’re a bum for not doing what you should be doing.

Then, when it’s time for doing- press on!

September is my time for doing. I’m starting the new [school] year fresh and renewed from my season of rest. I have many hopes and goals that popped up from taking a break this summer.

After your time of rest, you come back with clarity about what you want and how to make it happen. You will feel creative and driven. You feel ready to make it happen.

That is…as long as you have taken the time and appreciated the rest.

If you spent your summer beating yourself up over your lack of progress or change, then you start the new year tired, uninspired, and behind.

Honor where ever you are without wanting to be elsewhere. That’s where the change happens. You don’t have to DO anything to be worthy. You just have to show up and do your best.

So tell me: What season are you in now? What is it time for? Will you accept this season for what it is?

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