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What you MUST understand about success

There’s a common misconception about success. Have you been buying into it?

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Do you live for the applause?

Are you constantly seeking validation and approval? [continue reading…]

Losing your identity: You are not your work

Ronda Rousey recently came out and said that she was suicidal after she lost her UFC fight.

Defining yourself by your job, money, spouse, location of your house, body, etc. is DANGEROUS. Watch the short video to hear my thoughts on it. [continue reading…]

What no one talks about in business: a lesson in resiliency


If you want to build a business you love, you have to be vulnerable. Plain and simple. You have to build confidence and put yourself out there and then you have to build your inner strength so that you know, no matter what happens, that you’ll be ok.

The inner strength that you’ve cultivated- that is your innate ability to handle anything that comes your way.

So many people talk about putting yourself out there- but not many people talk about falling. If you’re doing it right, failure is possible.

The truth is, building a business can take some time. It’s a major learning curve. You may launch a course and have one person sign up. You may not get anyone in your Facebook group. You may post your little heart out on social media and never get any likes or engagement.. [continue reading…]

What you need to know to overcome self-doubt and get more confident!


In order to overcome self-doubt and boost your confidence, you have to work on your mindset.

Self-doubt is all in your head. It’s not real. Self-doubt isn’t truth.

The magic is in your mindset.

It just means that you don’t trust yourself. You don’t have the confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Here’s what you need to know to overcome self-doubt: [continue reading…]

3 ways your lack-of-confidence is costing you clients


If you don’t have confidence- you don’t have business. Plain and simple. Sure, you may get clients here and there, but it won’t be sustainable.

Self-doubt is a lack of confidence in yourself and it’s a complete creativity and dream killer.

Here are 3 ways your self-doubt, and lack of confidence, is costing you business: [continue reading…]

How childhood bullies can ruin your business


I’m not good enough.
Can I really do this?
I don’t know what to do. I just can’t decide…

Sound familiar?

Entrepreneurship is one of the biggest personal development journeys I’ve ever been on. [continue reading…]

Overcoming Over-Giving

Today’s #quicktip Tuesday is all about Overcoming Over-Giving!

Are you an over-giver? Are you constantly giving yourself to others to make them happy? They are happy to take from you, yet- they never seem happy. They ALWAYS need more from you. They have no limits to the amount they will let you sacrifice and give to them. [continue reading…]

Lose the labels to live your life with purpose

Episode 32- Part 3: Finale of letting go of the labels

The last week of the month- here were are and I’m still talking about the important question that I wanted you to ponder

Are you willing to give up who you think you are, for who you could become?

The first week we talked about how a lot of who we are, are actually just what others told us we are and your willingness to get a different perspective on the matter. In Part 2, we talked about the actual labels that others (and us!) put on ourselves. We looked at those labels to see where we classify ourselves and looked at what labels we REALLY believed to be true about ourselves. [continue reading…]

Getting in touch with your emotions

This is a quick tip for getting in touch with your emotions. [continue reading…]