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Hiring Tips: Minimize your chances of being scammed


The thought of hiring another coach made my stomach turn. It actually gave me anxiety.

Are all the coaches like this? Is this industry like this? Maybe I’m not cut out for business. Maybe I should quit now before something really bad happens.

“Skeptical” is the nicest way I can put it. I felt like I couldn’t trust anyone. Most importantly- myself.

I made a bad business decision. I felt like a horrible person. My tender heart felt so much pressure and guilt. Before I could even consider hiring another coach to give me the help I so desperately needed, I had to work on me.

It always starts with us.

First, I processed the emotion– I got it all out in my journal. All of that heaviness in my chest, the guilt, and the anxiety…the anger and fear that surfaced after the ordeal- all of it, spilled out on the pages in my journal.

Then I asked myself one super important question:

What did I learn?

You see- life is a school. Everything that shows up is here to teach you something. The quicker you understand what life is trying to teach you, the faster you can move past the lesson. All of our lessons are different and unique to you.

After I had some time to process the emotion, I eventually took a chance on me and hired someone. I’m happy to report- that I actually did it right the next several times I hired others.

Here are some pre-hiring tips to help you minimize your chances of being scammed and to hire the best coach for you:

  • Pump the brakes– Give yourself a little bit of time to do some, or all, of the suggestions below. It doesn’t take long, but it’s well worth it for a happy experience in the end.
  • Ask to talk to 2-3 previous clients– Glowing testimonials on a website are one thing, but actually asking to talk to a few people they have worked with is a whole other thing. Email or Facebook message them and see what they say! What was their experience? How did the coach help them? Would they recommend them? What do they see as the coach’s strengths? It takes 5 minutes and, in my experience, people are happy to do it!
  • Ask for referrals from people you trust– Do you have biz besties that you trust? Do you love how a certain coach interacts? Ask them who they’ve worked with and whether they recommend them!
  • Watch out for fast action bonuses– Are you wanting to hire this coach because you love what they do, who they are, or feel connected to them? Great! Are you considering working with this coach because they have an amazing special going on, have kind-of what you need, and are affordable? Think twice and do more research. Marketing tactics work, so try not to get caught up in the whirlwind. A good price and pressure to make a rushed decision is what led me to a bad decision.
  • Get closer– Friend them on Facebook, if possible, and join their Facebook group. Do just a bit of sleuthing and watch how they respond to ethical questions and to others in the group.
    • For instance, if someone asks whether they should refund or give someone a discounted price because they bought a product the day before a surprise there is no right or wrong to this question, but what advice does the coach give? What would you do? One of the coaches I was considering to hire tire to help me with my business answered this question in a way that didn’t feel aligned with my heart. It was very telling about the way she ran businesses and how maybe our values aren’t aligned the best.
  • Get on a Discovery Call– Use it to it’s fullest! Do they do all the talking and not ask anything about you? Do they glaze over your questions and make you feel rushed or like a burden? Do they ask about your goals? Are they on time? Do they pressure you for a credit card on the phone? Also- do they follow up? Do they even remember you in a week? In my experience, you can really tell a lot on the free discovery calls.
    • Personally, if I don’t leave feeling understood, confident, and energized- then it’s a no for me. If they couldn’t explain what they would work on with me, and have some of that be pointing it back to me- it’s also a no. It’s important to know that you’re not hiring someone to run your business for you. You’re hiring someone to help you build your business.
  • Know what you want– You have to know your values in life. My top 3 are kindness, compassion, and freedom. I know that whatever decision I make, as long as it is aligned with those three things, will be the right one because it follows my values. So- what are your values? Does this coach share the same or align well with them?
  • Know that you need– What are your business and personal needs? Do you really need a copywriter, or do you need someone to help you identify who you are talking to? Get specific on your needs. Once you have them, write out who the best person would be to help you (not their name– their business and values).
    • For example- Write in your journal…I need someone to help me with defining my ideal client. The best person to fill this role would be kind, understand emotion, have great strategy that will easily guide me, is on time and prompt, values me as a person, asks me questions to help pull out the information instead of using her own experience and assumptions, etc. Write out what you would love to manifest as far as filling this role, and then keep an eye out for that person.
  • Who were their mentors– We start to mirror those around us, and who we have worked with has influence on our business. It’s human nature. Who do they hang out with? Who have they worked with? Who do they promote? Do you like those people? Is it a circle you want to be in?
  • Read the contract– What is their refund policy? No contract? Ask why! Contracts protect you as much as it protects them. Look into it a bit deeper.
  • Trust your gut– This one is the.most.important. If something feels off- it is. Take more time to decide and try another step on this list. You don’t need to justify it. Trust your intuition. Don’t talk yourself out of your feelings. Don’t doubt yourself. You’re wise and your body knows what’s up. Don’t over-analyze.

You don’t have to do all of these things every time you want to buy something.

Pick one or two and see what comes of it. If you get a good feeling and things are lining up- great! If you still feel a little unsure…try one or two more on the list and see what comes of it.

You can hire amazing people to help your business. A little work in the beginning can not only build your confidence in yourself, but also open up a whole new world of possibility.


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April Julson is an Empowerment Coach and Energy Healer for heart-based entrepreneurs. She works with women to boost their confidence and get comfortable being seen. You can find out more about her services here.

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