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What you need to know about being scammed by a coach


I was so embarrassed to say it. but it was weighing on my heart like crazy. It was eating me alive from the inside out- I just couldn’t hold on to the burden anymore.

Scared to death, yet knowing I could confide in her (my new business bestie/soul sister)- I opened up.

“…and then last Fall, I hired this one business coach and we had one call and she never sent me any of  the worksheets or helped me with anything. She said she was going on vacation after our first call, then her schedule was unavailable indefinitely. She blocked me on social media and disappeared with my money. I felt so freaking foolish and completely questioned whether I’m even cut out for being a business owner.” 

I could’ve cried in that moment. I was horrified. It was such a huge secret at the time. I felt like I had failed my husband and son because it was a bad business decision. I felt like I was such a dunce for being duped into her lies. I was carrying so much shame and embarrassment.

Here I was, fresh out of life coaching school and super new to the online business world. I created an awesome course and launched it and got my first client. But online business was much different than I expected. After I launched my course, I knew I needed help.

I needed to figure out who I want to serve, help writing copy because it was so daunting, and a plan on what to blog about.

She was in a Facebook group and seemed like an answer to my prayer. She had a beta package that was reasonably priced, she could help me with everything I needed, and we could start immediately.

I felt like a jerk because she gave me a sap story about how PayPal had froze her accounts and she couldn’t refund me right away (she was stalling to try to get past the PayPal refund time frame). I even gave her another chance- all she had to do was email me a few worksheets so I could clarify my ideal clients…nope. Nothing. She was gone.

Imagine my relief when I saw someone post a question in a Facebook group whether anyone had contact info for the girl. She was kind about why she needed it- but I knew it had happened to her, too. I connected with her privately to just verify what was going on and she confirmed my suspicions. Another angry girl started posting about being scammed by her and the owner of the group shut down the thread because the other girl wasn’t showing up and representing herself- she didn’t want a one-sided story ruining someone’s career.

Back to my confession with my biz bestie– she said she had something similar with a copywriting coach the summer before.

Turns out- it was the exact same girl. Exact same story. Exact same everything.

Since then, I’ve received my money back from PayPal- they were great through the whole ordeal. I also see posts here and there about this same girl and people saying they were scammed by her.

She’s a scam artist. This is how she makes her living. She’s still out there and doing this..I saw 2 posts in groups this week about it. Sad, right? She preys off of brand new business owners.

Each time I see the familiar post- my heart aches. I know what it’s like. I remember feeling the shame and thinking maybe I should just quit my business now before I seriously make a bad choice.

I struggled with trusting myself to make business decisions. In fact, I put them off for a while (clearly, I wasn’t good at this- right?!). I feared that everyone in the online entrepreneur world was just like this. I didn’t feel safe.

Thankfully, I pressed on. Maybe my first hire wasn’t a good experience, but I’m so grateful to say that I’ve had so many more amazing experiences since then.

If this has happened to you- please know this…

This does not reflect you. It doesn’t mean you aren’t a good business owner and it certainly doesn’t mean that this won’t work out for you. You didn’t let anyone down.

The most important thing you can do right now is to reach out. Share your pain with someone you trust. (Don’t have business besties yet? Send me an email! april {at} apriljulson {dot} com)

This doesn’t mean anything about you and it’s not your burden to hold. Be kind with yourself. You did nothing wrong. Work through your emotions so that you can move on in your business- she doesn’t deserve the kind of power that you are giving her. You’ve got this, sweetie.


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April Julson is an Empowerment Coach and Energy Healer for heart-based entrepreneurs. She works with women to boost their confidence and get comfortable being seen. You can find out more about her services here.

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