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September-the REAL New Year


What is it about September? I’m several years out of school now, but I still feel it. The eagerness for learning. The shifting and adjusting as we work our way into Fall. The settling down and digging into work.

I love the feeling.

There’s no doubt that this summer probably took a toll on you. The kids being home has made you linger a bit more than usual.

You did allow yourself to linger, yes? Without guilt and anxiety? No? Ok..

We’ve been sold this idea that we are only worthy if we are productive. As long as we are getting things done- then we are “good.”

But that’s not true at all.  [continue reading…]

Hiring Tips: Minimize your chances of being scammed


The thought of hiring another coach made my stomach turn. It actually gave me anxiety.

Are all the coaches like this? Is this industry like this? Maybe I’m not cut out for business. Maybe I should quit now before something really bad happens.

“Skeptical” is the nicest way I can put it. I felt like I couldn’t trust anyone. Most importantly- myself.

I made a bad business decision. I felt like a horrible person. My tender heart felt so much pressure and guilt. Before I could even consider hiring another coach to give me the help I so desperately needed, I had to work on me.

It always starts with us. [continue reading…]

Being scammed: Are you ready to share?


Was this horrible experience ever going to end?!

She had also completely disappeared off of social media- her friend’s page and biz page were gone (later I found out it was because she blocked me on social media so I couldn’t see that she was still around and pulling the same ole tricks).

Now she is claiming that it wasn’t her fault, that she can’t issue a refund because PayPal has frozen her account. She wonders why I can’t give her more time and asks for another chance.

Excuse… after excuse… after excuse…

Now- I’m really heart-centered. I give people the benefit of the doubt. I give people more chances than I likely should.

I felt like total crap. I’m so mean when she’s just running into a stroke of bad luck. I’m angry, but I’m sad. I’m scared that this is what owning your business is really like. [continue reading…]

What to do if you’ve been scammed by a coach


Tears rolled down my face every day. I felt sick to my stomach. How could I be so foolish? It’s was nearly Christmas, my husband and I decided to spend our extra cash on a new business coach for me- and she bailed.

I. felt. horrible.

I put my trust in her. I was so stinking excited to have a coach and make a business investment to start making money. She was so nice and responsive. She told me she could help me with everything I told her I needed. It was a great price and she took payments. She even looked over my website and gave me some great tips! I was on a high from excitement…and then it crashed and burned.

How could I put my family in such a bad place. Will we even be able to get a decent Christmas this year? My business isn’t any closer to getting clients. How could I be so stupid? The stress was too much- I just wanted to hide under my covers for the next century and forget I even tried to start a business. What should I do?!  [continue reading…]

What you need to know about being scammed by a coach


I was so embarrassed to say it. but it was weighing on my heart like crazy. It was eating me alive from the inside out- I just couldn’t hold on to the burden anymore.

Scared to death, yet knowing I could confide in her (my new business bestie/soul sister)- I opened up.

“…and then last Fall, I hired this one business coach and we had one call and she never sent me any of  the worksheets or helped me with anything. She said she was going on vacation after our first call, then her schedule was unavailable indefinitely. She blocked me on social media and disappeared with my money. I felt so freaking foolish and completely questioned whether I’m even cut out for being a business owner.” 

I could’ve cried in that moment. I was horrified. It was such a huge secret at the time. [continue reading…]

Tops reasons to NOT get a business coach

Sometimes new entrepreneurs want to hand over the keys to their business to a business coach. Are you getting a business coach for any of these reasons?

As I’ve said before- business coaches are AMAZING! They can really cut your learning curve and help you build your business quickly. However, you’ve got to know who you are and stand solidly in your power in the process. [continue reading…]

Get comfortable and confident on camera


I’ve created a brand new, FREE 4-day journaling challenge on how to get comfortable with being seen in business.

I know it can be crazy scary to be seen. This challenge is all about learning more about being visible, digging to the root of the fear, and working towards healing it.

Click here to find out more and be sure to share it with your friends!

How to know what’s good for you and your business

Online entrepreneurship brings with it an endless to-do list. Not to mention, every 3 seconds there’s a cool new course letting you know EXACTLY what you don’t know and the sales page is amazing..

Check out the video above to help yourself rise above the noise and decide what’s good for you and your business. [continue reading…]

Which business coach should I choose?

Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur and considering getting a business coach?

Business coaches are AMAZING and can really prepare you for creating a successful business, but if you don’t keep this in mind- you may end up building a business that doesn’t even feel like YOURS. Check it out above! [continue reading…]

When the fear of being seen on Facebook rules your business


One of the reasons I had a hard time getting my business “out there” in the first year of my business, was because I was scared what my family and (old High School) friends would think.

They were all my friends on Facebook so I wouldn’t hardly post ANYTHING on my personal page.

I was scared of their judgment and what they would say [continue reading…]